Obituary – Chris Brendon

Shine on Chris

Sheikh Tijan Touray (Tallinding Children’s Health Centre manager 2011 -2018)

TCHC mourns a man of integrity, honour and kindness in the person of Chris Brendon. He was a miracle for us from the first time we interacted to four weeks before he fell ill. He loved to help improve people’s situation for the better at least that is what makes him happy.

We were saddened by the news that Chris was ill and was hospitalised due to a leaking heart which started whilst on a visit in the Gambia. We joined hands and prayed for his recovery fought as we knew he was fighting with a leaking heart for some years. The prayers were not answered because God needed him more than us so he was called to glory on the 5th January 2016. What a great loss to TCHC! He was a man of a high sense of humour and liked to crack jokes for fun.

Chris we are thrilled by your comportment and the benevolence you have for TCHC which prompted you to sacrifice to come to the Gambia and leave your beloved mom whom you talk about with dazzling eyes showing the bond you share. We are overwhelmed with your strive to support the trustees of TCHC “aidgambia” to achieve their objectives.

You left a legacy for all of us and together in unison we say “May your soul find perfect rest in the Lord whom you loved and served”.