Bendon Bursary – inaugural award

In July 2018, the TCHC trustees were delighted to announce Chernor Jallow as the first recipient of the Bendon Bursary.


Chernor Jallow graduated with an HND in 2014 as a Gambian Public Health Nurse. He is the first in the family to attend college and work in his ‘beloved’ health field. In 2016, he enrolled, committing half his annual salary, on a four year BSc degree at The University of The Gambia. Chernor started work at Tallinding Children’s Health Centre (TCHC) way back in 2013 as a volunteer. After his studies, he returned in 2017 as a key member of full time staff.

In April 2018, he left the Centre. During all these years, he completed many in-service professional training courses to assist his dream of contributing to the welfare of the children of the Gambia. He is single, the second born in his family and the first male child. He enjoys medical books and Shakespeare and watching series and films like 24 hours, Merlin and Designated Survivor. He loves Arsenal and Real Madrid as football clubs but insists he is no glory hunter! He keeps fit by playing football and volley ball and eating fruit and veg – his favourite food.
PS Can you see a resemblance to a famous athlete?!!

Chernor submitted a very detailed application before the March 31, 2018 deadline which in turn was scrutinised by a panel.  His nomination was approved by the trustees at their meeting in May.

Below is a copy of his application matching the criteria required. It certainly demonstrates a commitment to pursuing study and a higher qualification while at the same time working hard in his place of work. The trustees are delighted to be able to assist even if in a small way.


Family Name: JALLOW            First Name: CHERNOR.H.

Current post at TCHC:              NURSE/PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER

Title of course of study:           Bsc. Public & Environmental Health Sciences

Length of course of study:      FOUR (4) YEARS

Current year of study:              SECOND SEMESTER (1ST YEAR)

Place of study:                             THE UNIVERSITY OF THE GAMBIA

Cost of fees per annum:            DALASIS D37, 000.00

BREAK DOWN:  TUITION FEES D36,000.00       Other COSTS D1,000.00

Evidence of registration attached:  YES

Statement of University/College/Educational Institution support attached:      NO

Date started work at TCHC:     NOVEMBER 2017 Full Time

                                                          MAY 2013 to SEPT 2015 Volunteer

Describe your work at TCHC :   I am on my second services to Tallinding Children Health Centre (TCHC). On the course of my services, I engage in the following:

  • Consult patients/clients at the Out-Patient Department (OPD).
  • Render basic nursing procedures to patients/clients.
  • Triage both children and adult at the clinic.
  • Render first aid services to victims or clients.
  • Coordinate all clinical activities in the clinic.
  • Indulge in active disease surveillance in order to response early on diseases that are of public health importance.
  • Help in linking the clinic with the government (Ministry of Health) and lobbying for support.
  • Endeavour in seeing all the children registered in the clinic are fully immunized against vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Health educates care givers on good nutrition and positive health behaviors.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle among patients diagnosed with chronic and non-communicable diseases.
  • Ensure the clinic is environmental friendly to children and care givers.

Chernor Jallow’s Exam Results