Make a difference

The exchange rate can vary but when we transfer money the bank offers around 55 Dalasi to a pound sterling. S0 you can see that just one pound of UK money will go a long way in The Gambia and at TCHC:

  •    50p   (Dal 27) buys 10 paracetemol tablets
  • £1.00   (Dal 55) buys a bottle of Coartem syrup key to treatment of Malaria which serves two children
  • £1.50   (Dal 90) buys 30 malaria tablets which can help to save a child.
  • £90.00 (Dal 5,000) pays the salary for 1 month of the highest paid member of staff – the State Registered Nurse

Many thanks to St John The Baptist Church, ILFORD who have supplied the annual salary of one SRN for the past two and a half years.

  •   £3.00   (Dal 165) would pay for an extra nurse for one day, 8.30 – 3.30,in the busy season.
  • £65.00   (Dal 3500) is ONE month salary for the TCHCentre manager who works for a low salary in order to reduce costs for the Centre and to keep it in operation.

45,000 dalasi is the total salary bill per month for the Centre which means that 

£800 would pay the staffing bill for ONE whole month!


Cost £ per month Cost Dalasi per month Resource
£55 3000 2 lab technicians each receive 3000 dalasi per month   TOTAL £110
£50 3000 SEN
£15 800 Volunteer (attached to SRN) 800 dalasi per month + 25 dalasi (38 pence) daily travel
£15 800 volunteer (attached to reception) 800 dalasi per month +25 dalasi (38 pence) daily travel
£16.50 1000 Caretaker
£23 1500 Night security
£13.00 800 2 cleaners each receive 800 dalasi per month; TOTAL £30.00