Make a difference

The exchange rate can vary but when we transfer money the bank offers around 55/60 Dalasi to a pound sterling. So you can see from the figures below that just one pound of UK money will go a long way in The Gambia:

  •    50p   (Dal 30) buys 10 paracetemol tablets
  • £1.00   (Dal 60) buys a bottle of Coartem syrup key to treatment of Malaria which serves two children
  • £1.50   (Dal 90) buys 30 malaria tablets which can help to save a child.
  • £100.00 (Dal 6,000) is a month’s salary of a State Registered Nurse (SRN)

Many thanks to St John The Baptist Church, ILFORD who have supplied the equivalent of the annual salary of one SRN for the past three and a half years.

  •   A FIVER would pay for an extra nurse at a health centre in the busy season for one day