Chernor’s Bendon Bursary laptop

In November 2019, trustees presented Chernor with a reconditioned lap top that they brought over from the UK – many thanks to TK of Revive my Device Ltd., Ladywell, London. The lap top was a further contribution towards the studies of Chernor who is pursuing a qualification to strengthen his C.V..

Chernor at work in his surgery

Words  of appreciation from Chernor.
I seize this opportunity to say a big thank you TK (IT expert in UK) for cutting the price attached to reconditioning a laptop for your fellow Africans through. Words cannot express how I feel the day (Nov 2019) the charity handed over the device to me. I have been struggling with a 7 yrs old laptop at Uni and the battery was dead. I later had no other option but to use my Android Phone (Samsung J3Pro)  to download lecture documents, prepare assignments, read and send mails.
This one you repaired at reduced cost to the charity and it really played a key role during my last semester (Dec 2019) exam and will surely continue in seeing I excel in my studies.

I am grateful and now have a wider screen and durable battery device that can make life easy for me at the Uni. I love it to the peak: looking at its capacity of 698GB hard drive, Ram of 4GB, a battery of 6 hours of power, user friendly and microsoft app installed. TK you are really a genius and worth praises and thanks. May Allah/God reward you bunch and all the trustees who made this possible at a very critical situations of my studies.

Please Robert I know TK is not on this platform but plz do extend my warm greetings and thanks to him for rescuing his fellows down here in Africa. To the trustees you guys are exceptional,  after your visit by some early last year. You did all it could take to secure a recondition PC for me and a bursary of 200 pounds am grateful and wish you all the best in your struggle out there by putting a smile on my face.
Thank you all! Merci! Gracia! Al Barka! Jerregen Jeff! On Jarama team TCHC