Rainy season exacerbates malaria cases

As usual, the rainy season becomes the busiest period of most health centers in The Gambia. This is due to the change of the weather and the increase number of malaria cases.

From two weeks back we started to register a lot of patients. This means more drugs need to be purchase to meet the demand of the patients. Cost of drug at pharmacy level continue to increase while our charges remain the same. We want to maintain our status as a charitable organization. With you on our side; this is possible.
Today a pregnant woman who is a nurse from one public health facility comes to seek treatment at our facility. she was really weak and was boarded on infusion. When I asked her she decided to come to us and not her work place, we revealed to me that we may have the same qualification or even personnel with higher qualification than your Staff, but the availability of the right equipment, drugs and the time you locate to your patients is the best reasons i can tell you. I was really touched and i reply to her Let us thank God but all is possible with the help of our donors.
I therefore say a big thank you to anyone who in one way or the other contributed or is contributing to help us maintain that reputation. KEEP IT UP DONORS. Nothing is more rewarding than contributing to safe life.

Written by (Basiru Sanneh)