TCHC background and purpose

We started the UK-based charity TCHC (Tallinding Children’s Health Centre in April 2013). In March 2015 we gained an HMRC reference number so donations can qualify for GiftAid.
This means that for every £ you donate as a UK tax payer an extra 25 pence is match funded.

We support the work of the only children’s health centre in The Gambia which is :

  • the smallest country on the continent of Africa with a population of 2,083.140 in 2016
  • where 34% of the population live on less than one US dollar per day in 2007;
  • where only 3.1% of total population is over 65 and life expectancy is 61 for men and 66 for women
  • where 40% of pooulation is undr 15 years of age

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The age distribution model is an expanding type  and The Gambia population pyramid is common for developing  countries with a high birth and death rates, relatively short life expectancy as well as low level of education and poor health careThe Centre is located in the heart of Serrekunda – the largest urban centre in the country with a population of 46,020, of which 5,531 are under-fives and 20,310 females. (

The purposes of aidgambia  / TCHC are:

To relieve sickness and to preserve the health of children and pregnant women who attend the Tallinding Children’s Health Centre -TCHC – at Serrekunda, The Gambia, by providing and assisting in the provision of equipment and facilities to support the Centre’s work such as services to reduce the occurrence and the effects of malaria and to advance the education of patients in all health-related areas not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

  • to raise funds
  • to receive grants and donations
  • to develop an advice and support network for staff working at the Tallinding Children’s Health Centre
  • to support the founding work of the German medical charity

Staff at the Centre has plans for the future – see Projects section – but realistically the main focus now is to keep the Centre operating and continue the battle against the ravages of malaria.

Africa accounts for 85% of malaria cases in the world and 90% of malaria deaths  ( World Health Organisation – WHO- statistics) check out the Malaria by Numbers video in this website’s Resources section.

In The Gambia:

  • There are ½ million cases of malaria each year – nearly 1 in 3 of the population
  • 87% of malaria deaths occur in children under the age of five
  • Malaria is the single highest killer of children under 5
  • 20% of children under age of 5 died from malaria in 2012
  • There are 6 nurses to every 10,000 head of population.



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