The UK-based charity aidgambia TCHC started in 2011. It gained an HMRC reference number in March 2015. From that moment, every £  donated by a UK tax payer gains an extra 25 pence in matched funding (GiftAid).


  • To relieve sickness and to preserve the health of  the people of The Gambia
  • To pay particular attention to children, women, the elderly and the vulnerable
  • To support the work of professionals in the health field
  • To support services that aim to combat recurring health issues such as the effects of malaria and other ailments common to The Gambia
  • To advance the education of staff and patients in all health-related areas not normally provided by the statutory authorities

Our initial five-year project supported the work of the Tallinding Children’s Health Centre between 2013 and 2018. This project ended with a five year review in December 2018 with extremely positive outcomes from a clinical, financial and operational perspective. The local Council took over the management of the successful Centre. This has now allowed the trustees to re-direct the Charity to a broader focus on future activities such as The Bendon Bursary and other health-related causes operating in The Gambia.