Trustees’ feedback – December 2017

TCHC Charity Trustees’ feedback to TCHC manager Sheikh Tijan Touray 07/12/2017


  1. The Centre is still going strong despite a VERY tough 2017 with the political uncertainties and the German charity withdrawal. The manager to be congratulated – an achievement not to be underestimated!
  2. Trustees very impressed with manager’s report at Management Advisory Group (MAG) meeting – thorough, wide-ranging and professional.
  3. Great to see aidgambiavisits leaflets being put in hand of Kololi hotel manager, Baks. Essential that the TCHC manager pursues local contacts and establishes links.
  4. Trustees VERY impressed with their first visit to the Centre. They appreciated that it was well organised and strategic that it coincided with visit of councillor looking at possible transfer of adjoining land.
  5. Trustees particularly impressed with staff: – please feedback to staff
  • shared vision evident re the future of the Centre
  • all aware of the ante-natal clinic project and its potential benefits
  • all spoke highly of the manager
  1. Trustees reassured to see SRN in place thus providing a much needed medical lead
  2. Clear unique selling point USP – community focussed and open to ALLcomers
  3. Two existing trustees have now visited and we have brought one new trustee to visit. They all left very committed.
  4. Turn German charity withdrawal and reduction in finance into a positive – it simplifies our role and position. New regime and different approach that requires greater self-sufficiency for long term sustainability.


  1. Main concern of all trustees is the need for a stronger infrastructure – currently too much of one-man band. TCHC charity cannot submit applications and raise serious funds without evidence of:
  • Board of Governors – however small
  • more regular financial records – BO’S to assist
  • more checks and balances
  • clarity of medical lead role in Centre management structure
  1. Trustees do not want to have a management advisory group meeting in the future with just one person. More people need to be involved – community base needs to be reflected. More people = more sustainability n.b. Chris’ death but we brought four trustees to the meeting.
  2. Finances need very careful attention over coming months. Trustees calculate a potential 2 month shortfall in 2018 and recommend the building up of a minimum of 2 month reserve by end of calendar year. FOUR months money to be raised
  3. In relation to 3 above, 2018 priority is to establish aidgambiavisits and increase foreign visits to the Centre.

OVERALL message to manager and staff = congratulations, keep up the high standards and here is to a positive 2018!!